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Poppy seed and sesame milk chocolate bar
"Gourmet" selection

Milk chocolate bar with seeds, inspired by the recipes for seeded breads on which our reputation is founded. The crunchy seeds contrast with the creaminess of the chocolate. The poppy seeds and toasted sesame seeds give a subtle flavour and contain essential fatty acids and vitamins.

Ingrédients Milk chocolate*①, poppy seeds*, toasted sesame seeds*.
Milk chocolate*①, poppy seeds*, toasted sesame seeds*.

Nos conseils

A déguster avec un thé fumé de Chine, un café Blue Mountain de Jamaïque, idéal en complémentarité avec notre pain au pavot

Nutrition declaration for 100g
Energy 571 kcal - 2379 kJ
Fat39 g
of wich saturates23 g
Carohydrates47 g
of wich sugars45 g
Fibers3,4 g
Proteins8,1 g
Salt0,19 g

Allergènes : Milk, sesame. Possible traces of gluten, nuts (nuts, cashews, hazelnut, almond), soy, egg and peanut

Poids net : 100g