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Packed with seeds

Multigrain shortbread
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A generously-sized biscuit made with rice flour and seeds (linseed, sunflower and sesame) for a unique taste. Rich in fibre.

Ingrédients Wholegrain rice flour*, seeds* (21%) (brown linseed*, sunflower*, sesame*), margarine*, icing sugar*, eggs*, brown cane sugar*①, baking powder*.
*Ingredients sourced from organic farming ① Fair Trade approved according to the FiABLE standard

Nutrition declaration for 100g
Energy 494 kcal - 2064 kJ
Fat26 g
of wich saturated9,4 g
Carohydrates52 g
of wich sugars20 g
Fibers6,4 g
Proteins9,0 g
Salt0,17 g

Allergènes : Sesame, egg • Possible traces of gluten, milk, nuts (nuts, hazelnut and almond)

Poids net : 78g