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Rice Flour & Co

Our 100% organic, gourmet products are made from rice flour, best friend of a low gluten diet, and a solution allowing you to alternate between wheat and other cereals. Our products are made from raw products which do not contain gluten at the agricultural stage of production, but which are processed in kitchens where products containing gluten are also used.

Our naturally ‘gluten-free’ products are aimed at those who are neither allergic nor intolerant to gluten, but who are simply looking for a diet that brings them well-being. Just as we eat less sugar, less fat… it is possible to eat less gluten by varying the cereal products and flours used in bread and biscuit-making!

Our long-life breads

Pain de Belledonne offers you a range of rice flour breads, sold vacuum-packed in bags. Practical to use, they are pre-sliced and keep for up to 90 days before opening.

Our Bakery Biscuits

3 recipes from the range ‘I’m reducing gluten’. Large gourmet biscuits made from rice flour. Sold as a pick ‘n mix assortment.