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Belledonne puts its baking and chocolate-making knowledge to good use for the Montignac brand which gives preference, just as we do, to authentic products combining taste, well-being and pleasure. You will also find some grocery products here, all remaining true to the same methods.

Our long-life breads

Pain de Belledonne offers you a range of Montignac breads, sold vacuum-packed in bags. Practical to use, they are pre-sliced and keep for up to 90 days before opening.

Our chocolate bars

Chocolate made from 100% pure cocoa, to rediscover that taste of raw cocoa: with no added sugar, it unveils the bitterness of the just-roasted beans and holds true to the principals of the Montignac method.

Grocery store

Belledonne is the only distributor of Montignac pasta and muesli in France.