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Our chocolates & slab chocolates

It all starts by selecting a chocolate that will enhance the creations of our master chocolatiers. Our chief has chosen a powerful, fruity ‘gourmet’ cocoa sourced from the Dominican Republic, whose taste lingers for an exceptionally long time on the tongue.

Our range of exported Chocolates

Our chocolate bars

An innovative range of unusual gourmet slabs: chocolate with nuts and seeds, with biscuit chunks, pure fruit fillings, bakery pralines. Fair trade cocoa, sugar and vanilla. Environmentally-friendly design: internal protective film made of cellulose fibres, unprinted and suitable for domestic composting. Glue-free cardboard cover.

Our Grains de Saveur for bulk sales

A gourmet mix of chocolate and dried fruits, healthy and revitalising! Sold as a pick ‘n mix assortment.

Our Broken Chocolate slabs

Generous slabs of milk or dark chocolate with almonds or whole hazelnuts. Sold by weight.

Our Montignac chocolate bars

Chocolate made from 100% pure cocoa, to rediscover that taste of raw cocoa: with no added sugar, it unveils the bitterness of the just-roasted beans and holds true to the principals of the Montignac method.